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Why You Need A Probate Attorney When You Are Settling An Estate There is so much emotional stress involved in losing someone close to your heart and it gets even harder when we are put under mental stress to make hard decisions during such a time. Its times like this when you need to call an attorney. You find yourself in dire need of an attorney during probate proceedings and estate settlements. The law involving a person’s will can get pretty tricky and intricate that no other person, other than a probate lawyer, has enough knowledge on the matter to be able to handle such a case. No matter how much you try and prepare yourself for losing someone you love, you will always end up being burdened by grief and bereavement. Family members already have a lot to deal with on their plate and adding mental stress related to an unsettled estate is like adding insult to injury. You can always find yourself a certified probate lawyer to take care of things for you while you are still dealing with the pain brought by death.
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You will not be given time to grieve properly because the settlement has be done immediately according to the law. The Last Will and Testament of the decedent contains the name of the person or people who will be held responsible for the estate left. Completing the task regarding the estate will be handled by the executor of the estate. The main role of the executor is to be the personal representative of the estate during the court proceedings like the probate proceeding wherein the validity of the last will and testament will be questioned. When death happens in the family and there is an estate on the line, the first thing that has to be done is to get a qualified probate attorney. There should be a valid will left by the person that died, otherwise, he or she will be considered intestate. The division of the properties left by the deceased that is intestate will be done by the state statutes. It is important to identify the jurisdiction which the decedent was under because it is the state that will handle the allocation of properties to family members. One thing you have to take into consideration is the location of the probate attorney because it would be best if he or she is located in the same state as the decedent’s home was. When a trust is involved in the will, it is usually not included in the probate proceedings, ensuring better privacy and a much lower administrative cost.